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Volunteers make a difference in the lives of brain tumour patients and families, every day.

The value of one. The power of many. Those words resonate with us deeply at Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.  

Every year, our volunteers continue to raise the bar on what is possible when a community comes together for a cause. In our case, that is finding the cause of and cure for brain tumours, and to provide support and encouragement for all Canadians affected 

As we thank volunteers across Canada, we want to congratulate you and celebrate you. 

It is entirely due to your time, your energy, and your collective passion to build a better future for Canadians affected by brain tumours that we have been able to continue doing what we do for 39 years now.  

This past year alone, as the pandemic kept so many of us housebound, your creativity and your endurance have enabled us to reach people who otherwise could have easily slipped through the cracks.  

You have helped redefine volunteerism, using digital means to close physical gaps. We eagerly await the day we can once again work side-by-side.  

Until then, we rely on you so that you can rely on us. On behalf of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and the entire brain tumour community, THANK YOU!

Volunteers make a difference

Support Groups. Brain Tumour Walk events. Governance. National Material Distribution. Fundraising. Awareness-Raising. BrainWAVE. Brain Tumour National Conference. Research. All of these things happen because of more than 700 critical volunteers.

Whether you are interested in fundraising, support services, honouring Brain Tumour Awareness Month, or administration, there is a volunteer opportunity for you.

Thank you to each and every volunteer who contributes to the effort to find the cause of and a cure for brain tumours – and to improve the quality of life for those affected. Everything that you do makes a difference in the lives of patients and families, every day. 

Do you know someone who is making a impact in the brain tumour community in Canada? If so, nominate them for the 2021 David Kelly Award for Community Service! We will be accepting nominations for this award until September 10th, 2021.

Hazel's Story of Volunteering

Hazel has been volunteering with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada for almost three years, helping with administrative duties. In her own words, she describes her volunteer story with us.