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Equal Access to Care

Equal access to drugs that treat both a brain tumour and associated conditions, as well as the related financial burden, is an important issue for brain tumour patients and their families across Canada. Where a patient lives should never determine the treatment for a brain tumour.

The diagnosis of a brain tumour can be overwhelming and confusion about access to drugs is an unnecessary burden. Quite simply, it is confusing for patients and families to see provincial health care plans making different decisions based on the same evidence.

We advocate for better access to all brain tumour drugs and increased transparency and collaboration among all stakeholders with the aim to help every Canadian affected by a brain tumour.

Equal access to treatments and drugs and the associated financial burden is an important issue for brain tumour patients and their families in Canada. Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is active on this complex issue in the following ways:

  • Working on equal access to Temozolomide (Temodal) for all patients in Canada. The internationally accepted, standard treatment regimen for the most common type of brain cancer is not fully accessible in parts of Canada.
  • Find out whether Temozolomide is funded in your province on this road map
  • We are also working with other cancer organizations about the disparity in coverage for oral chemotherapies through the CanCertainty campaign. In partnership with CanCertainty, Rethink Breast Cancer has recently launched a petition to advocate for Ontario cancer patients to have equal access to take-home cancer treatment drugs. For more information on this important petition and to add your name to the growing list of supporters please visit the following link.
  • In a joint press release from CanCertainty and Rethink Breast Cancer, it was confirmed that all political parties in Ontario have committed to resolving the inequities faced by cancer patients who rely on take-home drugs for treatment. This is a great stride towards fixing Ontario’s inequitable cancer treatment system. We applaud the hard work by CanCertainty and Rethink Breast Cancer. You may find the press release here.
  • Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has taken part in meetings with government officials on this issue, ensuring that the voice and stories of brain tumour patients are being heard
  • Monitoring the drug approval process and communicating next steps and opportunities for action to the brain tumour community. This includes watching for any new approval processes for drugs and providing patient input when possible – through approval bodies like pCODR
  • Working with the Canadian Cancer Action Network who advocate for the entire cancer community to by working with federal and provincial decision makers to ensure a pan-Canadian system evolves that optimizes care and treatment outcomes through all phases of the cancer continuum
  • Providing information for you to advocate for your best care, including gaining access to services and treatments.