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Increased Research Funding

Every day, 27 Canadians are diagnosed with a brain tumour. While successful treatments do exist, there is no cure. As the leading organization in Canada focused on funding brain tumour research, we are the only group dedicated to overcoming this deadly disease.

Thanks to the support of donors, research funds are distributed every year to researchers across Canada who are examining the cause of and cure for brain tumours.

We also work towards increased funding for brain tumour research through partnerships and collaboration with other organizations including:

  • Brain Tumour Funders’ Collaborative
  • Neurological Health Charities Canada which is a leading a number of research projects into neurological health conditions. These projects will highlight details about, “the incidence and prevalence, impact, risk and health service utilization of our priority conditions, the final culmination of this work will result in a picture of the neurological landscape of Canada.”

Part of the national effort

The Canadian Cancer Research Alliance publishes an annual review of investment in cancer research in Canada. Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada submits our own contributions to cancer research for inclusion in these reviews, which are fully available to the public to read.

Explore the CCRA reports.