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2022 David Kelly Award – The Dunn Family

  April 18, 2023


London, ON

1. Tell us how and why you started collaborating with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada?

The Dunn family began collaborating with BTFC following their daughter Allison’s glioblastoma diagnosis. Allison’s brother Brian had an idea for an awareness run because of Allison’s love of running. Before her passing, she was aware of a planned run in her honour and supported it, knowing she would possibly be helping others. As a result, the Dunn family pulled together the event in a mere matter of months, a fitting tribute to their decades of charitable experience in the community. The event, Dunn with Cancer, held in Springbank Park, is entering its fourth year and has become a way for friends and family to come together in “A Movement of Hope.” In partnership with BTFC, all funds raised from the event go to necessary glioblastoma research. In addition, the family’s work with BTFC in the granting process enables them to follow up with the research grants and fellowships that the Dunn with Cancer funds raise. This is an incredibly important part of the process for the family.

2. How has creating this event helped your family remember/honour Allison?

The family knows that Allison would be so proud of how they are helping other people, and if she were still here, she would be leading the charge. She was dedicated to helping others, having worked at House of Friendships supporting Community Services, Men’s Mission and food hamper programs, and previously working in India setting up literacy programs. “She would have done the same for us,” said Allison’s father, Wayne. The funds, awareness, and connections created by the Dunn with Cancer event help to carry on Allison’s legacy of giving. Each year, friends and family come together, making a sea of yellow in their Dunn with Cancer shirts, honouring her memory with the hope of helping others.

3. This year’s theme for volunteer week is how volunteering weaves us together and connects us. What does this theme mean to you? (You can see more HERE)

“An event like this does it all. Other families, unfortunately, will go through what our family has, so the more people who get involved, bringing communities and generations together, the more successful we will be with glioblastoma research. It’s not just about the funds raised. It is about awareness, coming together and supporting each other,” Wayne Dunn said.