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Beyond Brain Tumours Podcast Launch

  June 14, 2023

Introducing Beyond Brain Tumours: A Podcast of Inspiration and Support for the Brain Tumour Community

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is happy to announce the launch of our new podcast, Beyond Brain Tumours. Beyond Brain Tumours is a podcast by, for, and about the brain tumour community.

Hosted by Hugh Hill, Services Support Specialist at Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, listen in as we talk to brain tumour survivors, patients, and caregivers as they share their stories and perspectives on brain tumour treatments, research, and survivorship. 

Listening to other patients’ and caregiver’ stories provides emotional support, validation, and a sense of community to individuals and families affected by brain tumours. Patients and caregivers gain shared experiences, insights into treatment and coping, and practical advice. Connecting with others who understand their journey empowers patients and caregivers, and reduces feelings of isolation.

The inaugural episode of the Beyond Brain Tumours Podcast features Hugh and his special guest, Paul. Together, they explore Paul’s personal journey after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, and discuss his treatment journey along the way.

Our goal is to bring together a supportive community of listeners who can share their experiences and learn from each other.

To listen to our podcast, visit

Have a story to share? Be a guest on our podcast! Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada invites you to share your brain tumour journey and how it has affected you or your family.