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Excited and anxious for the Virtual Brain Tumour Walk

  June 24, 2020

Here we are just days away from our first-ever national Virtual Brain Tumour Walk, and I must say we here at Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada are approaching it with a mix of excitement and anxiousness.

Excitement because the day is finally near, anxiousness because we – like many charities – have been adversely affected by COVID-19. We want to be sure to deliver a truly great experience for our community, and deliver on our commitments to our researchers, support groups, medical community, patients and their families.

Prior to the pandemic, we’ve never done a one-day national event like this before. We are used to heading out all across Canada throughout May and June, coming to your communities and celebrating your Brain Tumour Walk events side-by-side.

This year, we will still be all together through unity of purpose than proximity.

Our staff have been adjusting to this new reality, and our program this year is truly special.

One of Canada’s most recognizable voices – Alan Cross – will be hosting our opening ceremonies on Facebook Live beginning at 12 noon EDT. We have check-ins from survivors, walk coordinators and participants nation-wide, in addition to some amazing music and touching tributes.

From there, we’ll be taking to the streets, the parks, or even the treadmills as we begin our own walks, in our own ways, in our own communities across Canada.

We’ve been so inspired by your fundraising efforts so far, and even more so by the photos, videos, and messages of love and support you have shared leading up to the walk. Please keep them coming and on June 27 – walk day – be sure to post using the hashtag #VirtualBrainTumourWalk.

Every time you do, Al’s Flower Pouch by A.M.A. Horticulture will donate 27 cents to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. It’s our very first hashtag sponsor so post, post, post and let’s make the most of it!

Of course, fundraising is one aspect of the walk, but we need to make people aware of what we are fighting for. So take this week, and the week after, and all the months and years that follow, and start a conversation.

Spread awareness of brain tumours, and make others aware just how prevalent they are.

Spread knowledge of signs and symptoms so we can diagnose them earlier one.

And spread hope that one day we will find a cure.

There is an air of electricity here at Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada as we head into the Virtual Brain Tumour Walk, and on June 27, that positive energy will manifest in communities all across Canada.

Register now at and take steps to #EndBrainTumours.