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Clinical Trials Navigator

  September 6, 2019

Since writing the last blog post (Clinical What?), we have been contacted as someone wanted to highlight an additional opportunity for you if you are actively searching for a clinical trial or curious if there is a clinical trial for you.

The Clinical Trials Navigator is a pilot project being run out of Windsor, ON but is available nationally. If anyone in Canada (doctors, patients, family members) calls the clinical trials navigator, he will help look into clinical trials. It’s an option for families who are overwhelmed with navigating an already difficult system – it gives you a person who can do the work for you.

This program is being funded by the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network (3CTN) but it is very new and might not be something that families would find on their website.

Learn more about why this project was set up in this article.

Or click here to go to the Clinical Trials Navigator page on the 3CTN website.