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Congratulations Caden Nurse

  September 13, 2022


2022 Youth Education Award Recipient

Caden Nurse – Middle Sackville, NS
Bachelor of Applied Science, Acadia University
Diagnosed with an Astrocytoma at age 16
Generously funded in honour of Susan Marshall

I would like to give a big thanks to every person involved with the Brain Tumour Foundation for selecting me to be a recipient of this incredible scholarship. Receiving this award has done way more than just relieving some financial stress off my shoulders for the next upcoming years of my life, but it has also shown me that anything is possible. It means the world to me that my hard work has finally paid off in the form of this very generous scholarship. I can now put more time and effort into perfecting my grades rather than attempting to make money in my spare time during university. Altogether, I am quite overwhelmed with gratitude to accept this award, and I will forever remember the impact it has on helping me through my years at Acadia. You can achieve anything you put your heart into, so push yourself to do it. I am so thankful to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada for honouring Susan Marshall.

June 2023 Update:

I would first like to thank all involved with the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada for providing this amazing award and scholarship. It significantly helped me in my first year with the costs of post-secondary education, allowing me to focus more on my university life. I had a fantastic experience overall where I met so many incredible people, made forever friends, and began my dreams. I learned all about the topics that interest me and what suits me best. I did go through some hardships as I was still undergoing treatment initially, but I had some allowances that helped me have a very successful year. Even though I underwent some complications such as being ill and recovering from said treatments, I could not have asked for a better experience in my first year of university. The Brain Tumor Foundation helped me be able to have the year I had.