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Congratulations Illyria Volcansek

  September 13, 2022


2022 Youth Education Award Recipient

Illyria Volcansek – Hamilton, ON
Bachelor of Science, University of Guelph
Diagnosed with a CNS Germinoma at age 11
Generously funded by Andrew Campbell Youth Leadership Foundation

I am so grateful for this opportunity and everyone who helped to make it possible. Years ago when diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour, I was unsure what my university experience would look like. Receiving this award means that I will be able to enter my first year breathing easier, knowing that my financial situation is secure and I can focus on my studies in Environmental Science. I can’t wait for this next chapter of my life to begin! Thanks to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and Andrew Campbell Youth Leadership Foundation for making this possible.

June 2023 Update:

Receiving the Youth Education Award from the Brain Tumour Foundation had an incredible impact on my experiences in my first year of university. Thanks to the support I received, I did not need to get a part time job this year. This allowed me more time to focus on my studies in Ecology and Creative Writing. My average for the year was well over 80%, which puts me on track to make the Dean’s Honour List. Receiving this financial support also helped me to take care of my overall wellbeing. I was able to take time to exercise at the gym, crochet and spend time with friends. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who helped make this possible, including Andrew Campbell & the Youth Leadership Foundation and the Brain Tumour Foundation.