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Welcome to our new website

  December 30, 2019

We are so excited to present the new!

We hope that you will find this new website easy to navigate, easier to find the information you are looking for (note the search in the top right hand corner!), and still full of the credible information that you expect from us.

As with many new websites, there may be some initial hiccups, not all pages may be fully bilingual to begin with. If you do find any issues, or if your story is missing, please contact Amy with as much detail as possible about the topic of concern. We thank you for your patience.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with this project, shared their story, or provided other assistance. To you, it may have been a small involvement, but to us, it makes a BIG difference.

Together we will help brain tumour patients live longer, better, and with hope.