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Resources for Supporting Positive Body Image in Adolescents

  March 31, 2021
When a young person is diagnosed with a brain tumour, some common concerns often center around body image.

When diagnosed as an adolescent, the complications of a brain tumour diagnosis and/or required treatments can significantly impact a young adult’s body image and self esteem.

We all have a strong desire to fit in with our peers and are likely to face pressures to look or act a certain way. Being unable to meet these standards due to undesirable changes in our bodies may cause us to struggle with our self-image.

The side effects of a brain tumour or treatment may cause fluctuations in weight, hair loss, scarring, or changes in abilities. While these changes can be frightening and even upsetting, we can be supported in developing a positive body image and self-identity.

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has compiled some online resources that offer information about what to expect and how to manage concerns with body image as they relate to brain tumours which can be found below.

Our Online Learning section also contains many valuable resources that cover a wide range of topics related to brain tumours, symptoms and treatments.

For Teens:

Coping with Hair Loss: 

For Parents and Caregivers: