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Tracy and Tania Stevens – Belleville, ON

  May 4, 2022

Tracy and Tania Stevens: two sisters, two survivors, and two times the inspiration!

This dynamic duo participates annually in the Belleville Brain Tumour Walk. The main reason why they walk every year is for the camaraderie and community support, shared between everyone who has been affected by a brain tumour.

“It’s wonderful to give people hope, as we are two adult siblings in one family, who both have brain tumours. We share and relate the same issues and concerns and can talk about our journey with others. The Brain Tumour Walk gives us an opportunity each year to reunite, and follow up on how everyone involved is doing,” they reply, simultaneously.

Tracy and Tania, you’re such an inspiration!

On behalf of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and the brain tumour community:

Thank you! Tracy, and Tania Stevens!

Learn more about the Brain Tumour Walk and register for the event at!