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COVID-19 Community Survey

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented time in our history. The ongoing effects of the pandemic are extensive and have an undeniable impact on people across Canada and around the world. While the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic will be felt for months and years to come, so too will the needs of people who have been affected by a brain tumour diagnosis.

In the fall of 2020, Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada invited our community to participate in a survey so that we could learn more about how they were being impacted by COVID-19 and what we could do to help.

In this survey, we listened to the hardships of having difficulty accessing care, as 1 in 4 brain tumor survivors reported a delay in receiving a treatment, test, or scan. We understand that the impact on mental health during this time has been stressful as we struggle with feelings of anxiety, isolation, and loneliness. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been disconnected from those we love and from our community. We have heard how important it is to stay connected during these uncertain times and that our community thrives on connection with others, either virtually or at events that practice ‘physical distancing’.

Learn more about the results of the COVID-19 Community Survey, and the effects that the pandemic has had on the Canadian brain tumour community.