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Preserving fertility in young adults with a brain tumour is a topic that is often not well explored before and during the treatment process. Cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy can impact an individual’s level of fertility. Here, you can find resources and information on fertility and brain tumours, allowing you to better advocate for your fertility rights regardless of your treatment regime. Below are some fertility preservation options and alternatives that can be available before and/or after the initiation of treatment for young adults who may have impacts to their fertility as a result of their treatment:

Egg Preservation and Other Options:

  • Embryo and Egg Cryopreservation: where fertilized or unfertilized eggs are frozen for later use.
  • Shielding: externally protecting the ovaries from radiation exposure.
  • Egg Donation: using a donor’s eggs for fertilization and gestation.
  • Embryo Donation: gestating a donor’s fertilized eggs.
  • Gestational Carrier: a gestational carrier is another term for a surrogate. In Canada, the laws surrounding surrogacy differ from one province to another. It is recommended to consult a legal provider before proceeding.
  • Adoption.

Sperm Preservation and Other Options:

  • Sperm Cryopreservation: a sample of spermatozoa is frozen for later use.
  • Shielding: this procedure externally protects the testes from radiation exposure. 
  • Testicular Sperm Extraction: in this procedure, viable sperm is located in a portion of testicular tissue, surgically extracted, and then, cryogenically preserved for later use in fertilization. 

For more information on your fertility options, please speak with your health care provider.