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Messages of Hope

Even in the hardest of times, HOPE is near! Sometimes it just takes a guiding hand to discover it.

Hope for our Health Care Professionals

In a workplace full of extraordinary healthcare professionals, some just stand out. These are the people who go above and beyond the call of duty and make their mission of achieving excellence in neuro-oncology and neuroscience healthcare a reality.

Hard working

Who would you like to recognize?

  • A physician who took a few extra minutes in your appointment to listen.
  • A nurse who provided you with tips and suggestions of how to manage at home after brain tumour surgery.
  • A social worker who referred you to a program to help with care and support.

Regardless of what this health care professional did for YOU or your loved one – it’s how they made you feel that is extraordinary.

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Sunday Ajak

An inspirational presentation by Sunday Ajak, a 23-year-old motivational speaker, activist, and student at Western University studying Social Justice. At Sunday’s core, he is a writer who loves to bring his thoughts into reality. Sunday says that he “has a dream that one day my speeches will change the world, and I live in each moment trying to make that a reality. Regardless, if I can use my passion for speaking to positively impact at least one person, then I am living a happy life. I only seek to help those who may need it because in the end; I do to.” Sunday has written a special spoken word piece for YOU – our amazing health care professionals.

Your Messages of Hope

For the last 40 years, our neuro-oncology and neuroscience health care professionals have been bringing hope to those affected by a brain tumour. This year, we wanted to bring YOU hope and inspiration with messages from our community. Come back often throughout the year as we add messages.

To the team at Ottawa General Hospital,

Nurse Ellen at Civic – thank you for helping us access information to help my husband before his brain surgery; for being patient with all the questions I had and for allowing my son to stay past visiting time when he was late arriving. Dr Mohammed, you are a very patient man who took a lot of time to explain the brain surgery, its possible outcomes and answering all our questions.

Drs Chang and Nicholas for walking us through the process of radiation and chemo and for consistently answering all our questions – especially the ones that you must get all the time and the ones that may seem silly to ask. Olivia Dore, social worker at the General Campus, for helping us access financial support from Trillium. 

Dr. Nicholas for timely answering of our questions and concerns and for referring us Merck who kindly helped us with the medication deductible.

Dr. Alexandra Scott, our family doctor, who held our hands while we tried to maneuver through the confusion.

And to all the staff working in the radiation & MRI departments – your friendly, upbeat attitudes encouraged us when we were feeling overwhelmed, and you made the MRI process for my husband who is claustrophobic more comfortable.

Thank you,


To Dr. Nicholas,

Thank you for being my HOPE to get through all my treatments, plus recovery and having to help me with some prescriptions the odd time. Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada says that HOPE stands for exactly who you are as my oncologist:

Hard working

I am extremely lucky to have you as my oncologist. You have given me hope not just in the ways listed above but hope that I can live and love life even with a brain tumour. Thank you for being the best oncologist ever!

Thank you for your hope and support,


To Dr David MacDonald,

Thank you for 15 years on my journey and wishing you all the best in retirement. You deserve it.


Susan Rankin is a Facial Neuromuscular Retraining Therapist in Vancouver. 

I would have never got through this journey without her. She kept my spirits up when I was ready to give up. She comforted me with her words when I cried. She is a person who takes her job to the next level of care. She sourced out doctors and procedures that would benefit me in my struggles with facial paralysis. 

Bravo Susan.


My family can’t speak your praises enough! When my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer in November 2021 you (amazing health care professional) helped my mom more than you will ever know. You helped us navigate through a tough time… you’re a gift to your profession!

The Ballard Family

I was diagnosed April of 2011 and the Social Worker I had was absolutely amazing here in Winnipeg. She has since retired but I feel she went above and beyond what was required. Because of her I have a great life now and can fully function on my own. I do still have help from the Provincial Public Trustee, but it is of my own choosing now. Of course, my surgical team and oncology team has also been fantastic. I still have checkups every 6 months and I will for the rest of my life. I do know I can ask any question that I have of any of the team members, and I will always get a proper answer. Love love love my health care team here in Winnipeg. 



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