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Anish Puri – 2023 Studentship Recipient

Anish PuriAnish Puri
Undergraduate Science Student, McMaster University

Supervisor: Dr. Sheila Singh

Project: “uPAR as an immunotherapeutic target in recurrent Glioblastoma”

Generously funded by Taite Boomer Foundation

“Being awarded a Brain Tumour Research Studentship gives me the opportunity to do impactful patient-centered science at the Singh Laboratory. During my time here, I will explore the field of cancer biology in the context of brain tumours, specifically Glioblastoma. This award will enable me to pursue and refine my passions in advancing translational research, turning basic research findings into novel therapies and treatment strategies. Glioblastoma is a highly aggressive form of brain cancer that poses a significant challenge in the development of effective treatments, and I am eager to be part of the effort to find novel and more efficacious solutions to the current standard of care. This studentship helps enable my journey in becoming a clinician-scientist, utilizing the frameworks and pipelines that make translational research possible. Getting such an experience at an early stage in my education will provide the foundations that are needed to innovate within the field by utilizing the expertise of the scientists I am surrounded by. Being awarded the Brain Tumour Research Studentship is a privilege, made possible by the donors to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. I am so grateful to be chosen to help in the fight to improve patient outcomes and combat this detrimental disease.”