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Derek Tsang and Fiona Schulte – 2019 Feature Grant Recipients

Derek Tsang and Fiona Schulte, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Project Title: “Prospective Quality-of-Life Study of Children Treated with Repeat Radiotherapy for Brain Tumours (QoL-ReRT)”

Project Summary:

Derek Tsang and Fiona Schulte - 2019 Feature Grant ResearchersChildren with recurrent brain tumours have few efficacious treatment options available. Repeat irradiation for such brain cancers is a potential therapeutic option but has not been adequately studied, and there is very limited data on quality of life after treatment for these children. In this prospective study, we will measure children’s quality of life before and after treatment to determine a) whether quality of life and symptoms are maintained or improved with repeat irradiation; b) what side effects are occurring and their severity; c) whether the course of repeat irradiation was successful at controlling the recurrent brain tumour. Our goal is to accrue 32 children over a 2-year time period across Canada. Results from this study will inform doctors about the usefulness of repeat irradiation so that we can offer this novel treatment to patients who may derive the most benefit from this approach.

What receiving this award means:

 “My team and I are immensely grateful to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada for their support of our research. There is currently a dearth of high-quality data on whether a repeat course of radiation treatment is able to help children with recurrent brain cancer. Quality-of-life is immensely important to the patients and families who are affected by such tumours. The funding from Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada will allow us to study these children so that others may benefit from, and build upon this research. Because this area of study is sub-specialized, carrying out this quality-of-life research initiative would not have been possible without Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.”