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For Caregivers

All Information Sheets are provided for information purposes only, and do not represent advice, an endorsement or a recommendation, with respect to any product, service or business, and/or the claims and properties thereof, by Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. Always consult your health care team if you have questions about your medical care and treatment options.

Bill of Rights for the Brain Tumour Caregiver

Caregivers need to know and understand that the better that they take care of themselves, the better that they can take care of their patient. We recommend that caregivers download the Bill of Rights that we have developed with thanks to a team of volunteers.

Read this Information Sheet (PDF)

Ways to help a caregiver

When someone asks, “How can I help?” or “Let me know how I can help?” consider printing this list off to give to your friend, family member, neighbour, or colleague who offers to help. Alternatively, you can create your own list that is personal to you and your loved one.

Read this Information Sheet (PDF)

Questions to Ask the Health Care Team

Having open communication with your health care team is important in making informed decisions. The following suggested questions are meant for you and your family to think about and discuss with various members of your medical team. You are also encouraged to ask additional questions that are important to you.

Read this Information Sheet (PDF)

Talking with Your Child / Teen About a Brain Tumour Diagnosis

The ideas in the PDF below may help you talk with your child / teen about a brain tumour diagnosis. We suggest that you use the word “tumour” openly. It will help him / her be more familiar with the word and more at ease when asking questions.

Read this Information Sheet (PDF)