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2021 Volunteer of Distinction Award – Kathy Gélinas

  April 26, 2022


Quebec City, Quebec


GOcervo Committee

How did you start volunteering with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada?  

“I started volunteering for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada when the GOcervo program was launched in Quebec.”

What is your fondest memory of volunteering with us?  

“My fondest memory is the first meeting with the GOcervo families at the Quebec Aquarium. It was the first GOcervo event we had in Quebec City.”

This year’s theme for volunteer week is Empathy in Action. What does empathy mean to you?  

“I find that this definition really corresponds to what I believe empathy is: it is about listening in an active and positive way to the other person, without judging or confusing him or her with oneself, identifying, recognizing and understanding his or her emotions and feelings. In a way, succeeding in putting yourself in the shoes of the other person (even if you can never totally put yourself in their shoes) and making them feel that you are entirely available and listening to them.”

What’s the best piece of advice you have given, or someone has given?

“Everyone with a brain tumour deals with it differently. It is important to respect their choices about their diagnosis. It is important to never compare one person’s journey to another with the same diagnosis.”