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Hazel’s Volunteer Profile

  April 19, 2019

Hazel has been volunteering with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada for almost three years, helping with administrative duties. In her own words, she described her volunteer story with us.

“I had always planned on doing some volunteer   work after I retired. Following Michelle’s (Hazel’s daughter) diagnosis, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada seemed like a natural fit for me. After she was stable and I was not needed as much to support her and my very young granddaughter, I felt as though I would like to give back to the organization that had offered such helpful support to our family.

There are two things really that are my favourite part about volunteering at Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. The first thing is being in an environment filled with people who care so deeply about what they are doing with their work and the constituents that they serve. They are always professional, fun, caring and sincere. The second thing is being there to steer callers or constituents in a direction that can help them through a very difficult and life changing time. While it is not easy and my heart aches each time a newly diagnosed patient or family member phones to speak with someone, I am always so thankful that I was there to answer the phone and that they did not have to navigate a voicemail system.

Giving back feels good. Small deeds can impact others in such a significant way.”

This story was shared in April 2019 to celebrate National Volunteer Week.

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