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Alysha Cooper – Belleville, ON

  May 17, 2022

For several years, Alysha Cooper has been an active member of Team Holly and Kate in the Belleville Brain Tumour Walk.

“It is a day for everyone who is affected by a brain tumour in the community to come together and share their experiences.” Alysha passionately expresses.

“We walk to support, bring awareness, and give hope to individuals who are fighting; for the survivors, and our loved ones who have lost their fight due to a brain tumour.” she proudly states.

Although the walk is once a year, it is a day that Alysha looks forward to.

The event proves what is capable when the community rallies together in the hope of ending brain tumours.

“It is a constant reminder to keep fighting and support those who need it.

My motivation to donate my hair in recent years is because of the people I know who have been affected by a brain tumour.” she advocates.

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has given Alysha resources and the opportunity to make a meaningful difference for those enduring a journey with a brain tumour.

On behalf of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and the brain tumour community:

Thank you, Alysha Cooper and Team Holly and Katie!

Learn more about the Brain Tumour Walk and register for the event at!