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‘From Nowhere to You’ – UK Songwriter Rich Ragany releases charity single in honour of brother, George

  November 25, 2020
Rich RaganyFrom nowhere to you.

London, UK-based singer/songwriter, Rich Ragany (Rich Ragany and the Digressions), is paying tribute to his brother in a fitting way – a charity single called From Nowhere to You.

The song was written in honour of Rich’s brother, George, who was diagnosed with Glioblastoma in August, 2020. He passed in October. Rich received word of George’s passing mid-flight on the way to Calgary to visit. From Nowhere to You was written while Rich was in isolation after travelling.

All proceeds from the song are being donated to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. It is available for purchase on Ragany’s Bandcamp page for £3.

As Rich explained to British magazine, Vive La Rock:

“George always seemed to know how, and taught me how, to try and get the best out of dark and sad times… so this is my attempt…” says Rich. “It was written in isolation after flying from the UK to Calgary, Canada and getting the news he passed while I was in the air. I didn’t make it to be by his side… and that is a heartbreaking fact. From diagnosis to his passing was six weeks. I hope this is a fitting tribute to his spirit and memory…. He is missed so much… he has left a lasting impression on many hearts.”

The song is a heartfelt tribute to a brother and a friend, and its sincerity is felt through its haunting acoustic drone and swelling choruses.

Visit the Rich Ragany and the Digressions bandcamp page to purchase and download the song. You can watch the video below.