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Team Grant’s Guys in Edmonton, AB

  May 4, 2022

Min Lappin, Terry, and Pamela Junck are strong supporters of Team ‘Grant’s Guys’, as they walk to keep Grant’s legacy and memory alive.

His family and friends gather at the Brain Tumour Walk in Edmonton Alberta, to support Team Grant’s Guys and to keep his wishes alive. “It feels so good to be united to celebrate his life and help raise awareness regarding brain tumours,” the Junck family advocate.

“Grant is a shining star from above, who had a brilliant mind. He was a young man striving to generate a positive difference in people’s lives.” his loved ones express.

His loss was devastating to his parents, brother, the entire family, and the brain tumour community.

“We are a large, loving, and devoted family. Grant was a cousin all our kids loved. They were close and had so much fun together! His smile lit up the room,” says Terry and Pamela.

Grant is honoured as having the brilliant mind of a writer, artist and is celebrated as the life of any party. “Just let Michael Jackson play and he was the star, in the spotlight on the dance floor!” they reminiscently recall.

Grant was also known for his natural athletic abilities, often running marathons with his mother and aunt. As he grew older, he loved to cook and experimented to perfect many cuisines.

He also worked alongside with his aunt, creating and operating computer systems in the healthcare sector. He was working diligently to create and advance technology in the medical field. He fully supported education and research for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and the brain tumour community. Grant has left a legacy of incredible art, everlasting memories, and true heartfelt love.

“He was a huge supporter of raising money to help find a cure,” Min Lappin remembers. “Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada offered support groups as well, which we took full advantage of. I am ever so grateful for the support received during Grant’s difficult journey with his brain tumour.

“We never felt alone. In coming out and gathering, we are keeping his fun-loving side and legacy alive, while raising money and awareness for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada,” explains Min.

“He wanted to live! He wanted to help! He has achieved this in more ways than one. Grant continues to inspire all of us daily to have hope and to make an enormous impact to find a cure to end brain tumours!” Terry and Pamela express.

On behalf of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and the brain tumour community:

Thank you! Team Grant’s Guys!

Learn more about the Brain Tumour Walk and register for the event at!