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Brain Tumour Handbooks

Adult, Pediatric, Non-Malignant, and Caregiver handbooks, in both PDF and hard copy, contain a wealth of information to empower you.

Why order a book?

The handbooks are written for patients and caregivers but are tools for anyone affected by a brain tumour diagnosis, including loved ones and family members. Patients, survivors, family members, and health care professionals will find a wealth of information about brain tumours, treatments, clinical trials, and a variety of quality of life topics.

Brain Tumour Handbook Collection:

  1. Adult Brain Tumour Handbook
  2. Pediatric Brain Tumour Handbook
  3. Non-Malignant Brain Tumour Handbook
  4. Caregiver Brain Tumour Handbook.

Handbooks are available in both pdf form and as a hard copy, and are available free of charge within Canada. All handbooks are available in English and French.

Handbooks have been compiled with the support, guidance, and expertise of medical professionals, patients, survivors, caregivers, and volunteers from across Canada. 

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Sample Contents

  • Reacting to a diagnosis
  • Driving after a brain tumour diagnosis
  • Effects of tumours and their treatments
  • An overview of the brain and how it functions
  • An overview of current treatments and medications
  • What to expect at the hospital and at home
  • Glossary of terms

A caregiver comment:

” The materials sent to us (by Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada) were awesome. Helped explain everything we had been wondering about.”


A Friend in Hope coverYoung children who have been affected by a brain tumour diagnosis, either personally or through someone close to them, can gain support and information with our children’s storybook, A Friend in Hope.

This colourful book tells the story of a little girl named Hope and her journey with a brain tumour through the eyes of her friend Danny. The story follows Hope’s journey to wellness and addresses medical procedures, symptoms such as hair loss, hospital stays as well as missing school and friends.

The book is available in three languages:

  • English: A Friend in Hope
  • French: Mon amie Claire
  • Italian: La mia amica Speranza (as a digital copy only)

A Friend in Hope was written in English by Marisa Zammit and illustrated by Erica Dornbusch.

“I read this book with my children, who had some questions. It was wonderful to talk more about cancer and treatment with them.”

Three Brain Tumour Handbooks

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Funding for our handbooks generously provided by:

Adam Fanaki Brain Fund