Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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Leonaes Brahel Tatchinda Kuete – 2021 Studentship Recipient

Leonaes Brahel Tatchinda Kuete

Undergraduate Science Student, McGill University

Supervisor: Dr. Leandra Desjardins

Project:Understanding Social Behaviors in Pediatric Brain Tumour Survivors

Generously funded by Taite Boomer Foundation

 “Being awarded a Brain Tumour Research Studentship means a lot in the developing field of brain tumour research, which enables students such as me to acquire experience and work in collaboration with researchers.

This studentship is a great opportunity for me to learn from experienced mentors and explore the science of brain tumours, helping me to advance towards my career goal: becoming a medical doctor specialized in Oncology. After witnessing the effects of tumours through a close family member, I realized that there is a large room of study which needs to be done in order to provide promising advances in the science of tumours.

This award demonstrates an act of confidence towards the upcoming generation of researchers and encourages me to put in a lot of effort in this research project and overcome the challenges it will present. Research is a way of creating and sharing knowledge, made possible when grateful donors support such studies.

I sincerely thank Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada for this studentship, which is generously funded by Taite Boomer Foundation and their donors, for making this research possible. I am more than motivated to persevere, learn and gain from this experience the best of its science.”