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Sami Alrashed – 2022 Studentship Recipient

Sami AlrashedSami Alrashed
Medical Student, University of Windsor

Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Porter

Project:Uncovering activation and plasticity of tumour microenvironment in search for novel therapy approaches in GBM”

Generously funded by Donors of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Being awarded a Brain Tumour Research Studentship means opportunity. I extend my deep gratitude to the generous donations from donors, as this studentship and advancement in healthcare would not be possible without the support of such donors in our community. Fulfillment of this studentship not only permits me the opportunity to explore and contribute to the field of glioblastoma, but it provides me with a unique opportunity of personal growth.

I am fortunate to have gained some years of experience in this field through my work in the Porter Lab and recognize the impact of research. This studentship provides me with necessary foundation to dedicate time and effort towards maintaining this passion, at the same time providing me with the further development needed to play my role as a future clinician-scientist. The potential to shape myself into a well-rounded physician will allow me to narrow the gap between basic research and clinical practice.

I am grateful this foundation has placed trust and encouragement in me to fulfill this role in advancing glioblastoma research. I am beyond excited to undergo this experience and equip myself with a multi-faceted skillset that I can apply in my ultimate goal of elevating healthcare.

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