Adam’s Story

  August 17, 2020

2020 Youth Education Award Recipient

Adam Pike (St. John’s, NL)
Pursuing a Bachelor of Nursing at Memorial University of Newfoundland
Diagnosed with a Medulloblastoma at age 4
Generously funded by Phyllis Retty

I am very grateful and humbled to be awarded Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s Youth Education Award.

When I started my education in Kindergarten I was getting support from the many doctors and nurses at the hospital for a Medulloblastoma Brain Tumour.  Now, I am so grateful to the Brain Tumour Foundation to support me in my next journey in life to attend university and study to become a nurse.

Having a brain tumour has had a major impact on my life. The nurses were always so kind to me and inspired me to become a nurse so I can help other children who are going through similar experiences.  I am excited to be accepted to the Bachelor of Nursing program directly from high school for the fall of 2020.  This award will allow me to concentrate on my academic studies and be able to continue to volunteer and help other children affected by childhood cancer.