The Brain Tumour Research Studentship program has been developed to accelerate brain tumour research and encourage new, young researchers to join the field.

This program offers $10,000 research opportunities first-year medical students and first, second or third-year undergraduate science students pursuing a four-year Bachelor of Science degree. Research studentships offer funding for two summers of research work. All research studentships are funded thanks to the generosity of donors.

Download the 2021 Research Studentship guidelines here. 

Download the 2021 Research Studentship application here.



One student explains the impact of receiving research funding:

“The amazing research opportunity that was provided to me because of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s Studentship Award allowed me to explore a field that I was interested in, and ultimately realise that it is where I want to follow my career in. Furthermore, it allowed me to get to know myself better through exploring my interests. Overall, this opportunity gave me the grounds to make decisions about the speciality and research areas I want to pursue in the future.” ~ Omid


Taite Boomer's Legacy - the Brain Tumour Research Studentship

Taite Boomer was an all-around Canadian kid, whose battle with a brain tumour led to the creation of the Brain Tumour Research Studentship. The Taite Boomer Memorial Brain Tumour Foundation continues to advance research into the cause of and cure for brain tumours by encouraging young researchers to get into the field.

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Alexander Rodzinka 2017 Research Studentship

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