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Opportunities – Facebook Community Summit

  February 12, 2019

Sometimes opportunities seem too good to be true. Last year, I was told about an opportunity that I almost missed out on, as it certainly seemed that way. I was told: Facebook will pay for your flight and hotel for you to go to San Francisco, California for the Facebook Community Summit. ‘Uh huh, for sure, that’s real’ (insert sarcasm emoji here).  But the application form was easy enough, so I filled it in. I did not expect to hear anything more…

…Until I did. There was a thorough application process. I needed to be prepared to speak and prepare a pitch of what I would talk about if I were selected.

…And then, before I knew it, I was booking flights. At their expense! …

…I have just returned from the most incredible experience. Facebook sets up this summit for admins of Facebook Groups, like our 4 Private Facebook Support Groups, to come together to learn best practices from each other. 450 admins gathered at Facebook’s Headquarters. We saw Mark Zuckerberg who spoke a few words from the stage, we met with Facebook staff, we made recommendations on how their platform could be improved, we connected.

Even better, we were given the opportunity to further our mission to reach every Canadian affected by a brain tumour through PR opportunities, like this one in the London Free PressCTV News and a Facebook Live video with Jennifer Valentyne.

I am now back from San Francisco, exhausted after long travel delays and two and a half days of intense Conference presentations, but energized to ensure that our Private Facebook Support Groups remain a safe, secure place for everyone affected by a brain tumour to open up about the issues that they face, to lean on each other, and know that they are not alone on the brain tumour journey.

More than all of that, I encourage all of you, if an opportunity comes your way, take it! You never know what might happen.

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”

Richard Branson

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