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Update (December 1, 2021):

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented time in our history. The impact of the pandemic is extensive and is having an undeniable impact on people across Canada and around the world. While the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic will be felt for months and years to come, so too will the needs of people who have been impacted by a brain tumour diagnosis.

In the fall of 2019 Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada invited our community to participate in a survey so that we could learn more about how our population was being impacted by COVID-19 and what we could do to help.

In this survey we listened to the hardships of having difficulty accessing care as 1 in 4 brain tumor survivors reported a delay in receiving a treatment, test, or scan. We understand that the impact on our mental health during this time has been stressful as we struggle with feelings of anxiety, isolation, and loneliness. Because of COVID-19, we have been disconnected from those we love and from our community. We have heard how important it is to stay connected during these uncertain times and understand that our community thrives on connection with others either virtually or at events that practice “safe distancing”.

Virtual Outreach

Support is at the heart of what we do and in 2022 Brain Tumour Foundation will continue to offer virtual events and develop content that matters to our brain tumour community. We will streamline our support program and offer support groups based on “where you are at” in your brain tumour journey. Whether newly diagnosed, in survivorship, or nearing “end of life” these groups will bring together survivors and caregivers to share their experiences, their hopes, and their legacy, so that no one will have to face a brain tumour diagnosis alone.

We will continue to offer our Brain Tumour Webinar Series throughout the year, which will include topics around research, treatment, advance care planning, returning to work after a brain tumour diagnosis, personal stories from brain tumour survivors and caregivers, and more.

In 2022, we will continue to offer our Virtual Support Groups as well as our Private Facebook Groups and “One-on-One” Support.

Patients & Survivors


One-on-One support

Private Facebook Support Groups

Looking ahead…

The past year have been a challenging experience for many of us as we learn to “coexist with COVID-19”. Looking beyond 2022 Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada will continue the work to improve access to treatments and remove barriers to care. We will grow the impact of our investment in Research through collaborations and partnerships and leverage the findings of the Brain Tumour Registry of Canada.

In these uncertain times we understand the need for equity, diversity and inclusion and will work in collaboration with diverse communities to bring awareness to the signs, symptoms, and prevalence of brain tumours. All people are entitled to credible, current, relevant, and accessible information so that they can live “better” and live “longer” with a brain tumour diagnosis.